Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga ClassesCorporate classes are a great way to have an extra income stream as a yoga teacher. They don’t usually run for more than an hour, maybe even 45 minutes, and they happen before or after office hours so that employees can attend. There’s also lunchtime yoga where people can decide to do yoga instead of going out for lunch.

In this Corporate classes you will get all kind of people, from absolute beginners to more advanced yogis who are adding an extra class to their regular yoga.

Most of the time you will come to their offices and they will adapt a space for the yoga class. The meeting rooms are a common place.

Most places will hire you for a specific period of time, whilst they run a specific wellbeing program at the workplace. Or they might want to establish a year long regular class.


Planning your corporate class:

  1. Arrive early, you might need to move furniture.
  2. Plan for equipment and props you will need (including yoga mats), you may need to carry a lot!
  3. Introduce yourself, yoga and your yoga style
  4. Make sure that you offer all kinds of alternatives and variations to the poses to suit all levels of experience and all kinds of bodies. You could start with simple poses and offer more advanced alternatives to the seasoned yogis
  5. Cut it short. Remember you will have 1 hour at the most
  6. Make sure you offer meditation or relaxation. Many of this people are very stressed and will appreciate the mental and emotional break
  7. Maybe give them some handouts (with your details if they want to contact you and join your own classes) with the basic poses you taught during the session and some ideas for them to practice at home
  8. Plan to have a class without music, many places will not have a sound system
  9. Do not use Sanskrit, most people will not understand and get lost in the language
  10. Do not make any spiritual references since it could come across as discriminating for some people and their own beliefs
  11. Stay at the end and have a chat with people who are interested in a more regular practice.
  12. Give your business card to everyone at the end of the class


Price your classes accordingly:

Value yourself, your work, your time and effort. Companies have money to spend on a valuable service and it is tax deductible for them, be confident when you quote for your classes.


In order to get corporate clients you will need to have all your paperwork in order, they will ask you for (at least):

  1. Your certificate of training
  2. Your participation in a Yoga Association
  3. Current First Aid Course
  4. Insurance and Liability
  5. A written quote of your prices and an invoice


How to offer your services as a corporate yoga teacher:

  1. You can just do the good old looking for companies who might be interested.
  2. You could ask around with your friends, family and current students, if they own a business, work for one or know of one who might be interested
  3. Join a Corporate Yoga and Well-being Company. With proper paperwork they can get you a few classes during the year. Plus you get to choose the times and places that suit you.

Let us know if you offer corporate classes and share your experience… Namaste, Julia


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