Benefits of having your yoga studio at home

Benefits of having your yoga studio at home


Our current studio in Lower Templestowe
Our current studio in Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to our program. In this program we will describe our own experiences, adventures, mistakes and finally let you know everything that worked for us.

We opened our studio in 2010 and have successfully run it since even when we had to move houses.

We tried to summarise everything in this simple program, but if you have any questions we will be here for you throughout your journey.

During the process you will learn how to find and adapt the perfect space for your yoga classes within your home, how to start your studio on a budget (like we did), how to operate your business, payments and money handling, advertising and promotion, and how to not only attract but also keep your students loyal to your studio.

This has been such an exciting experience for us; we think anyone can do it.


You can start your business straight away

Looking for a place, signing contracts, committing to long term leases are just a few things that start making owning your own business not only a long term dream but also quite expensive.

If you are a homeowner or you are renting (like us), you already have the space, you just need to adapt and decorate to get started.

It took us one week to adapt the first house we had for the yoga classes and in that instance we actually put in floorboards (ourselves). The second house took us only one day to get it ready. You just have to be creative and keep reading, it is not difficult or expensive.

I explain more about this in the next chapter ‘Studio design, decoration & equipment on a budget’.

Low Investment

You will be able to choose how much you want to invest; you can start with pretty much just yoga mats and the space that you already have, with a few touches you can create ambience in your space, just a few candles, an oil burner and proper (not too bright) lighting.

But even if you do the whole thing, carpet or floorboards, painting, removing existing furniture, fixing the room lighting, etc. the investment will be doable.


You will be your own boss!

  • Dress as you like, no more dress codes from gyms or other yoga studios.
  • Set up your own timetable with the hours that you can and most importantly want to work.
  • No commuting… think of all the time and money that you will save. Let’s say you make $60 for an hour of yoga at the gym, plus at least another 30 minutes of driving or public transport, you are really only making $45 per hour. At your own place you will save in car maintenance, fuel, and most precious of all – time!
  • No workplace politics, policies or regulations, you will be free to set up the length of your yoga classes as you like, adjust your students without restrictions, no more supervised classes, invoicing, waiting for payment…

All you really need is discipline, passion and time management.


Since you are the boss, you can change everything in your studio; the design, the website, the space, the way that you promote and advertise, etc. Whenever something is not working, you can change it without having to go to your boss or a committee… no bureaucracy.

There’s always room for improvement and it can happen as fast as you want it to.

All the money is yours

You will get to keep the money that you make. The more classes you teach the more money you make, it is directly proportional to your performance and your time.

You will not have to wait for a raise, you need more money, you increase the number of yoga classes, simple.

More income streams

Hindu Jewellery selling at YFL
Hindu Jewellery selling at YFL

You can get creative and sell a few things in your studio. I have a friend that even made her own meditation CD and is selling it at her studio. Think eye pillows, aromatherapy, candles, incense, yoga mats, and yoga clothes, subletting your space… The list is endless.

I explain more about this in these chapters:
‘Further Yoga revenue streams you can implement’
‘Subletting/Renting Opportunities’

Personal connections

From now on you will be sharing your yoga with people that are genuinely interested. It happened to me when I first became a yoga teacher, yoga was the only thing I wanted to talk about, but it got a bit tiring overtime for my family and friends.

Now I have the opportunity to talk and perform my yoga with people that love it! There’s a reason why they started coming, right?

And now also through our website you will be able to connect and share with other people doing the same thing…

Tax advantages

You might be able to depreciate a few of your home assets and deduct some of your living expenses: rent, mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities and household maintenance and cleaning. Plus all your computer and internet expenses.

Goodbye to babysitting

I used to pay for babysitting in order to teach my classes. I did save a lot of money when I started my own yoga studio at home; I was paying $15 an hour of babysitting, no ½ hours, which means for an hour of yoga class I would pay $30. If you remember I was making only $45 per hour at the gym after commuting expenses, it only left me with $15. My babysitter was making more money than me!

My girls are grown up now, but when I started I used to leave them upstairs just for the hour of the class, so much easier and cheaper, plus they learned how to respect the yoga classes, our studio and my students from a very young age.

On the other hand they have been exposed to yoga and meditation since they were kids, how lucky are they!

Professional growth

Well, since this is pretty much a one man’s show, you will be doing, learning and practicing a lot of new skills: we will share our own processes and systems with you throughout this course.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion
  • Business development
  • Business manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Web design
  • SEO

This will give you insight and experience of running a business, which will make you more marketable.


You can be as creative as you like, but a few areas of your business will require you to be:

  • Planning your timetable
  • Setting and designing your space
  • Designing your logo and website
  • Attracting and maintaining students
  • Photography
  • Music and ambiance
  • Aromatherapy

A more balance life

This is probably the most important thing for me. As you free yourself from the rat race, the boss, politics, policies… the negative energy in your life, you will start attracting just the positive one. It is like a virtuous circle where good, positive, harmonious, peaceful, beautiful, repeats itself in all aspects of your studio and your life.

I remember teaching my last weekly class at a gym when I already had my studio and I finally decided to let it go, I was not enjoying the class anymore. That same week I had a student book private classes on the same time-slot of my class at the gym and she has been coming since 2012 on a weekly basis.
You free yourself from the negative to attract the positive.

Also, a more balance life with more time for yourself, your family, friends and your community.

A more balance life full of beauty, passion, peace, harmony, yoga and meditation.

A more balanced life full of challenges, experiences and adventures.

A more balanced and abundant life.




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