Yoga Home Business program

A comprehensive program with different levels of information to cover all your needs to open your own yoga studio at home.

The program includes from choosing the perfect spot in your own house, to the full operation and marketing you will need during your journey to becoming the owner of a yoga business, with all the benefits that it implies; no huge budget to start with, high tax deductions, being your own boss, working with who you are and what you have.

The program includes 5 modules:

Module One – Finding your Space 

1. Intro – Benefits of having it at home

2. Strategically planning the area for your studio

3. Permits & dealing with local authorities

4. Dealing with family, roommates, pets, neighbours & landlords

5. Studio space alternatives

6. Insurance & liability

7. Studio design, decoration & equipment on a budget 


→Studio Area Checklist

Permits and Registrations Checklist

Insurance and Liability Checklist

Tutorial: “Domain Name”

Module Two – The Rules of Attraction

1. Make your Business Plan

2. Defining your studio’s identity

3. Defining, finding and reaching your market

4. Name, logo and corporate image

5. Advertising and promotions

6. Social media

7. Website design and content

8. Online opportunities and cross-promotions

9. Signage


→Business Plan Template Download

→Studio Identity Checklist

→Privacy Policy Template

→Registration Form Template Download

→Target Market Checklist

→Studio Identity Checklist

→Advertising Opportunities Checklist

→Website Content Checklist

Video Tutorials

3ix Hosting and Domain Name

Installing WordPress on your New Website

Login in to Control Panel to Manage your Website

Creating and Forwarding a Custom Email Account

Download Free and Royalty Free Photos

Module Three – The Power of Manifestation

1. Products and services

2. Pricing and payment methods

3. Money handling and bookkeeping

4. Establishing a good timetable

5. Hiring teachers

6. Subletting/Renting opportunities

7. Opening day


→Products and Services Checklist

→Refund and Cancellation Policy

→Registration Book Sample

→Studio Financials Template

→Timetable Template PDF

→Timetable Template Excel

→Working Agreement Template PDF

→Working Agreement Template Word

→Opening Day Checklist

Module Four – Day-To-Day Life

1. The operation of your studio

2. Planning your yoga class

3. Building and keeping your student clientele – individual service

4. Building your priceless database

5. Getting involved with your local community

6. Holidays and sick leave

7. Events, workshops and retreats


→Financials Template

→Registration Form Template Download

→Registration Book

→Yoga Class Template

→Privacy Policy

Video Tutorials

MailChimp to Google Contacts

Module Five – Spread your Wings 

1. Further Yoga revenue streams you can implement

2. Growing your business – moving, selling or expanding your studio

3. Your impact on people’s lives