Building a database of your students

Building a database of your students

BuildiDatabaseng your precious database


Your database starts with the registration of new students. We have talked about my precious book where everybody writes down their names as they come in, we will talk about it later, however, the very first time that a student shows up they have to fill in a registration form.

Basic information

This registration form covers the basic information, like name, address, phone, email (super important!) and birthday. I actually use all this information.

Name and phone number for obvious reasons… Address I use to map my students, that way I know where they are and I can target my marketing and advertising. If I were to move the studio I would be able to choose the location with sound information about my students and where they live.

The name also helps with gender, since that way I can know who is coming to my studio and who might be interested in joining.


The birthday also helps me understand my target market, since then I know how old they are. Also, I send a happy birthday email to my students, so I add this information to my calendar and reminders in my computer.

Email, the most important piece of information after the name!

The email… So important, it is through this channel that I keep my students updated to what is happening at the studio… Workshops, events, retreats, holidays, etc. Plus it is the email the most important part of my database… This database is super important for your business, it will eventually allow you to sell it when and if you ever reach that state of your business.

The database will give your business pretty much the only market value of your business.

State of health

After the basic details, in the registration form, my students have a few spaces where they report their state of health, pregnancy, surgery, etc.… so that I can consider this when giving my students alternatives and variations to the posses.

Where you find us

After this, there’s a space where my students tell me how they heard about the studio, friend, sign, Internet, etc. It depends on what advertising you are doing. This allows you to know where your money is bringing you the most students.

Responsibility and liability

And the last part of the registration form is a small print of the responsibility of the students of their own bodies, it reminds them that we facilitate but they know better about their own body.

And finally, they get to sign and date the form… Since I do allow children in my classes (10 years and over) then I get the parents to sign for them…

Every day I dedicate a few minutes to update my database with all new students, that way I don’t have to do a whole bunch at a time. In my database I include all details and how they heard of the studio and when they joined… This information helps me base my decisions on real data and invest my low advertising budget smartly…

So basically I use this database to make decisions based on real information, who’s my target market, where is it located, how old they are, how they heard of my studio, gender, and general state of health.

I cannot tell you enough how important all this information is, make sure you do add a registration form to your studio.


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