Casual Classes or Bookings

Casual Classes or Bookings

Booking a yoga classOnce you open your Yoga Home Studio you will have to make the decision of offering casual classes (walk-ins) for your students, where they can just show up for a class or if you are going to take bookings for your classes.

There are also a few more choices and I will describe them later in this post.

Casual classes:

The benefits:

  1. Your students will be able to come or not and make a last minute decision
  2. People who work shifts don’t need to plan ahead, they can juts come to your classes when it is possible for them
  3. If your students miss their regular weekly class they can just make it up another day and time
  4. You are putting your students first
  5. A very simple process
  6. No bookings software or system required

The cons:

  1. You never know if you are going to have a room full or nobody
  2. If your class is full, students who show up will be left out and would have already travelled to your studio and be prepared for their class, it can be quite disappointing



 The benefits:

  1. You know how many students you will have at any given class
  2. No disappointments for your students
  3. No need to show up for a class where nobody will show up, your time is precious
  4. You can cancel a class last minute without many complications


The cons:

  1. You will need a booking process which is time consuming
  2. No last minute yoga class for your students if in the end they decide they can or want to join your class
  3. You will need a cancellation policy where some students might have to pay for a class they did not attend and therefore may get upset


At Yoga for Life we do not take bookings, students can just rock up and we provide everything they will need at no extra cost. We try to put the students and their needs first and they seem to appreciate it.


Another model:

You could also, make people commit for a period of time:

  1. Regular weekly class during a term
  2. An 8 or 10 week program

The beauty of this system is that you will be able to plan and take holidays.



Please share with us how you do it at your place… Namaste, Julia



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