5 Essential Tips to Organize Yoga Retreats – Yoga Home Business

So what if you want to have a Yoga Business at Home but you do not have the space? Even for private yoga classes? Don’t give up! Organizing Yoga events and retreats can be your path! Yoga retreats are a great opportunity for people to completely immerse themselves in Yoga and can be quite transformational. … Read more5 Essential Tips to Organize Yoga Retreats – Yoga Home Business

Starting your Yoga Career

Yoga Career

So you’ve finished your training and where does your yogic career start???? I strongly recommend you start teaching straight away; the more you postpone the harder it gets and the more you loose confidence. It is hard to start because you will always feel you are not ready or prepared enough, but trust me… You … Read moreStarting your Yoga Career

Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate Yoga Classes

Corporate classes are a great way to have an extra income stream as a yoga teacher. They don’t usually run for more than an hour, maybe even 45 minutes, and they happen before or after office hours so that employees can attend. There’s also lunchtime yoga where people can decide to do yoga instead of going … Read moreCorporate Yoga Classes

To Adjust or Not that is the Question

Adjustments to yoga students

This is probably one very personal issue. I am a very touchy person, I touch my friends and family and sometimes even strangers, I hug and a kiss a lot. I love the connection that the physical touch brings. So obviously I am an ‘adjuster’. It is tricky when you start teaching because you do … Read moreTo Adjust or Not that is the Question