My kids and my Yoga Business at home

My kids and my Yoga Business at home

My kids when I started my yoga studio

Kids and yoga businessOhhhh… this was hard, but just that you can understand, my kids were 3 and 4 when I became a yoga teacher. My husband used to work shifts so I usually had to pay a babysitter just to do my job!

Between rent and babysitting I was making no profit, so one of the biggest benefits for me was to be able to have the kids at home without paying anyone to mind them, while I taught my classes.

I remember once, that I had to bring my kids with me to a class. They were supposed to be in a massage room close to the studio with a movie in the meantime. It sounded great!.  So my class ends and I come out of the yoga room and my two little girls were sitting on the stairs waiting for me. What happened? I asked… well there was a massage programed at that time so someone (grrrrr) decided to kick them out and they (awwww) didn’t want to interrupt me so they waited quietly outside.

Our kids are part of the studio

Anyway, since they were little they have been part of the studio, it seems like a passive role but I will forever be grateful to them, for being understanding of my job.

Yoga with my daughter
Yoga with my daughter

They have had to learn to be quiet during the classes.To not interrupt. To keep the bathroom, which they share with the students, nice and tidy. To come home the back way when there’s a class. To have their friends be quiet and respectful… the list is endless.

So when we celebrate milestones of the studio I make sure that they always participate. They are a huge part of the success of the studio…

The business has taught them respect, participation, sharing, understanding, it has been a great experience for the whole family.

If you have kids, let them be part of it, and show them always your appreciation of their efforts.

My girls have always been welcome to the classes (unfortunately they don’t do it very often), I’ve never tried to push yoga down their throats, since it is so important for me, I want them to always feel welcome to the yogic ways and when they are ready I am sure they will.

Anyway… I am sure you all have stories about your kids and yoga… please share them… Namaste

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