Different meditations during shavasana

Different meditations during shavasana

I like providing my students with a variety of techniques to still their minds

practicing shavasanaWhen I did my teacher training we were taught to go through the parts of the body  during meditation, starting with the feet all the way to the top of the head, allowing the students to focus on that specific part of the body and then letting it go, it is very similar if not identical to Yoga Nidra.

There are many different ways to do this, right side, left side, toes to head or head to toes. However I have found quite interesting to shuffle my meditations.

I always leave shavasana till the end of the class, but I have also participated and taught classes with shavasana at the beginning, it is nice to keep the students on their toes, the appreciate the variety.

Also, with my own meditation practice I have discovered that it doesn’t have to be the typical one, you can also, explore different thing whilst having the students in the pose.


Meditations ideas

The breath

meditation on the breath Focusing on the breath, the inhalation, the exhalation and the pauses in between them.

I actually like finishing this one like this: ‘… and this perfect process of our breath would not be complete without one brief moment of stillness, bring your awareness to that moment in between the breaths, after your exhalation and before the next inhalation…. A brief moment of peace and quiet… after you inhalation and before the next exhalation a perfect, blissful moment of… silence…’


meditation on soundsThe sounds and noises, noticing how it is only through sound that we are able to perceive things that are happening beyond the walls of the room. Noticing how sounds change from moment to moment, making every moment special and unique. Noticing how sounds remain unchanged by our thinking mind. Dropping all resistance and just feeling peace and harmony with the sounds of each and every moment… giving every moment our full presence.

The earth

meditation on the earthBring your awareness to the way your body lies on the ground, different surfaces underneath, different textures and temperatures. Allowing your body to release completely down, no resistance but deep, deep surrender.

The body becomes one with the earth… the body becomes one, with the world around…

The perfect state of union of our individual self and the universal self.



meditation on chakrasNoticing this 4 important centres of energy in our bodies(I only use this four because it is easier):

The belly, source of strength and power.

The heart, source of love and compassion.

The throat, source of all expression and communication.

The head, source of wisdom, creativity and intuition…


different meditationsNoticing our thoughts, stepping away from the mind and becoming the witness.

As we disengage from the mind, we are free to choose to engage or not into any kind of thought. For the purpose of our meditation, allow the thoughts to come and let them go… allowing our true self beyond our mind to be still.



meditation in sensationsThis one I borrowed from “vipassana” (silent meditation with the Buddhists) focus and feel those sensations that present on our physical body, notice numbness, tightness, tenderness, discomfort, itchiness, tickles, pain, and so on… Notice how they present themselves and how impermanent they are, they change and move from moment to moment, let go of all cravings and aversions towards them, just explore and experience them without any attachment… allowing the experience of reality and truth… without judgment and opinions…

Please share your own ideas so hat we can all together build a library of meditations to use during our classes…

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