Name, Logo & corporate image


Name, logo and corporate image

So in the previous two chapters we have talked about your identity as a business and finding your market.

Now it’s time to put those to work.

Crossroads and intersections

Where does everything you have written down cross?

  • What you like and love with what your market wants
  • What your skills are with what the market needs
  • What your competition is doing with what you can offer
  • Your ideal student with the real target market
  • When you can teach and at what times your target market can come to your classes
  • How much you need to charge with how much your competition is charging
  • How much you need to charge with how much your target market can and will pay
  • And so on…

With this information you can really write what your studio is all about.

Finding the ideal name

The first step is to find a good, catchy name that should give a hint of your yoga style, your studio and its benefits for your students.

1. Rules for the ideal name:

  • Unique and special
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Be cautious of the emotional response to the name
  • Catchy

2. Keywords:

With the crossroads information… sit down in meditation for a few minutes and allow your mind to be creative. Brainstorm until you can reduce your information into 10 to 15 words, which will eventually become your studio’s name.

Now grab the 15 keywords that you came up with and start playing with them.

3. Find synonyms and antonyms:

Jump into Thesaurus and search for all terms that could help say what you want in a much better way, one that resonates with you. Discard most words until you are left with 5 words.

4. Find another way of saying it:

For example Phoenix means lifting from the ashes, revival, renewal, new… Can you find a word that expresses what you want without saying it?

5. Combine your words:

Try using two of your favorite words and see if the merge nicely, like ShowBiz…

6. Reduce your words to only 3!

Now you are ready to come up with a name. Before you launch it, play with it in your mind, and with your friends and family. Finally, make a Google search to check if it’s already taken (if so, you can keep playing with the words until it’s unique).

Creating your logo

Yoga for Life Logo
Yoga for Life Logo

Your logo is the visual representation of your identity. It might be the first impression people get of you and your studio. It will give a professional look of an established studio.

There are three kinds of logos:

  1. Font Based: just words, simple. Do not underestimate these logos; they can be very powerful, think Google, Microsoft, IBM, Coca Cola…Burger King
  1. Illustration logos: they give you a picture or image of what they are about, like Burger King with a burger in its logo, or NBA with a basketball player.
  1. Abstract logos: with a distinctive symbol, like the Nike swoosh. Stay clear of those for now because they are meaningless until you are established and known.

Steps towards creating your own logo:

  1. Have your clear message at hand – we have done this previously for your studio’s name.
  1. Look at other yoga logos and get inspired but make sure to stay clear and don’t copy, make your logo unique and different.
  1. Make it clean and functional. Do not over complicate it; remember it has to look good throughout. In your website, letterhead, flyers, stickers, business cards, everywhere. Also, the more complicated the logo, the more expensive to print it. Make sure that it’s easily made in black and white so that you can print and copy it  yourself.Nike
  1. Your business name is the main feature of your logo; don’t let it get lost in it!
  1. Use your logo to convey the benefit of your studio. For example, a lightning bolt will give the impression of fast. Think of the key words that you want to highlight, these need to express the benefits for your audience. Don’t use clip art.
  1. Avoid trends. Remember you want your logo to live forever, to convey consistence, loyalty, permanence, and security. If you keep changing it to be fashionable you will transmit exactly the opposite. Your target market wants to feel still, steady, protected and supported, and in their subconscious all the change does not give them a sense of reliability and stability.
  1. Choose your colors smartly. Different colors transmit different things. Have a look at this website to get an idea Don’t use more than three colors, it’s very distracting and remember it’s more expensive to print more colors.

Those tips for you with a small budget, however, if you have the cash go ahead and hire a professional designer. Those steps to do your own logo will help you make sure the logo they’ll design is exactly what you want and need. You can also do a contest at crowdsourced logo design websites like

Once you have your logo, make sure that you get the trademark and copyright!

Corporate image

This is how you present yourself, your studio and your services to others, it is how you are perceived and remembered. It involves everything we have been talking about: your identity, your image, your name, and your logo.

Studio Identity Checklist

A good corporate image establishes confidence loyalty and trust.

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