Online Opportunities & Cross-Promotions


Online opportunities and cross promotions

Online opportunities to advertise for free

There are so many opportunities to advertise online for free, and all your ads create backlinks to your website as we said before, which will therefore make you rank better with search engines.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Try this 3 big ones:
    1. Google Business: it’s for free and will help your yoga studio appear in Google Maps
    2. Yahoo local, now partnered with Yext, also for free
    3. Bing Places, not as used but still helpful
  1. Social Media, we have talked about it previously, try:
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
  1. Start a blog, this can easily be integrated in your website, especially if you are working with WordPress and will attract your followers to your studio. Just remember to keep posting and keep it updated with useful information.
  1. Press releases, most of online press are craving for news and articles, don’t be scared to give them information about your events, milestones and everything extraordinary that happen at your studio, worth the try.
  1. Find free online advertising in different directories, they are craving for more companies and services.
  1. Make YouTube videos and link them to your website, you can even create a YouTube channel.
  1. Think PayPal, it not only a great way to receive and send payments, but also you can advertise for free in their PayPal Here app.

Cross Promotions

Cross-Promotions with health businesses
Cross Promotions with health businesses

A cross promotion is a marketing strategy between your yoga home studio and other businesses to target clients of a product or service with an offer to purchase a related product or service. It’s important that you find a natural fit with the business you are cross promoting with. Take a look at your customer demographic and find similar businesses that aren’t your competitors. For example, a healthy snack company could hook up with your yoga studio. Take some time to identify promotional partners and approach them with energy and ideas!

Here are some ideas of businesses that would be interested in an exchange:

  • Health professionals
  • Massage therapies
  • Yoga clothes and accessories shops
  • Other yoga teachers outside your area
  • Pilates studios
  • Health shops and restaurants


We have talked about creating relationships with your local businesses and helping each other out, however there are a lot of opportunities to create online cross-promotions, where the virtual businesses could help you in exchange for advertising or mentioning their businesses in your own website or blog.

Although I am proposing this path, I reckon you should be careful of how many advertisements you place on your website, you don’t want to come across as an e-commerce business because it can put off some of your readers.

However you could offer:

  • Writing articles for each other’s blogs
  • Social media sharing
  • Advertising in each other’s websites


With other local businesses:

What I did is offered the local businesses a free pass for their important customers. I put up some of their flyers in my studio too; this is about helping each other.

Here’s a few cross promotion ideas:

  • Free branded gifts – if you have the money to print, for example, labels for water bottles and give them away.
  • Co-Sponsoring – whenever there’s an event in your area where you know your target market will attend, you can find some other small business to join you in the sponsorship.
  • Advertising – you could share the expense with someone else.
  • Receipts – you could help each other by printing a coupon at the bottom of your receipts. And now that most receipts are emailed or texted, it would be cost free for both!
  • Price discounts – you could offer a reduced price if somebody buys from your partner, and vice versa.
  • Trade event sharing – if there’s a local expo or market or the school’s mini expo, you could share the expense with someone else, plus the work of attending the stall.
  • Run a contest together – you could offer prizes from each other’s businesses.



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