Street signage



A creative sign will help plant the seed for future students.

Yoga for Life studio on a busy noisy road
Yoga for Life studio’s Sign

We use a sandwich board right on our sidewalk and have noticed people are constantly reminded that we are here and they can come or get back into yoga. The sign we bought has interchangeable inserts, so we change it from time to time to advertise something new, special or an event or workshop. It’s a very cost-effective form of advertising.

You might need a permit from your local authorities; you might want to investigate before you go out spending!

Here are four good reasons for you to have one:

  1. Location – so that your students can find you. This is crucial, I’ve had so many people say to me, ‘Oh you are the one in Manningham Road, I’ve seen your sign!’ even if they’re not interested or have never been to the studio, so if somebody asks them if they know of a yoga place, guess what they’re going to reply!
  1. Brand promise – Remember when we talked about your identity and we defined it. This is the time put it to good use.
  1. Advertising – your new classes, events, workshops, promotions, etc.
  1. Competition – you will definitely stand out with a creative and attractive sign.


Signage best practices:

  1. Be simple, remember that the less words, the bigger the font, and if people are just driving past you want to convey your message easily and fast. It should take you 2-3 seconds to read everything on your board.
  1. Be specific, mention YOGA! Even if people can’t read the whole message, with the word ‘yoga’ they will Google you if they’re interested.
  1. Be consistent, do not change it too much, and even if you change the information from time to time, remember to stick to your corporate image.
  1. Call to action, phone number (you know how I feel about this), email address, website, a special promo…


Different types of signage you could use:

  • Billboards
  • A-frames (like mine)
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Banners
  • Displays

68% of my students tried my studio because they saw my street sign. It doesn’t mean they do not consult afterwards; they usually see the sign and then browse the web for the studio, so the sign and your website are important and supportive of each other.

You can be creative and use a street sign attached to a bicycle like the photo on the right. This sign should not need a permit.



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