Establishing a Good Timetable


Establishing a good timetable

Establish a Good Timetable
Establish a good Timetable

When we did the products and services exercise, you already come up with the classes you are going to teach, so bring together the following information:

  1. Style of yoga
  2. Level of skill required
  3. Length of the class

Once you have this, it’s important to set up a name for each class. I would not complicate the name too much because you will spend your time explaining to everyone what it means. Keep it simple.

My own classes are:

  • All Levels Hatha Yoga
  • Slow Paced Yoga
  • Power Flow Yoga
  • Beginners Hatha Yoga

Seems simple and I still get a lot of questions.

As for the length of the class, I would keep one same length throughout the timetable:

45 minutes: probably lunchtime yoga if you are going to offer it.

60 minutes: the most common and easy.

90 minutes: a full class with everything included.

Just note that a long class could put off some people if they are struggling with time, and be aware of who your target market is and if it will accommodate 90 minutes. For example, moms on the run might prefer a 60-minute, but hard-core yogis and younger crowds might want a longer class.


Time to set it up!

Timetable at Yoga for Life
Timetable at Yoga for Life

You have 7 days a week, it’s important first to accommodate your own schedule, so consider the following:

Mornings and afternoons:

  • Breakfast
  • School run
  • Shopping and errands
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Work
  • Etc.

Afternoons and evenings:

  • After school kids activities
  • Your own activities, dinner
  • Bedtime
  • Etc.


Really think about this, if you love going out, then do not commit to early classes, if you like to entertain then don’t commit your evening, and so on….

Your regular activities, because you will be making a huge commitment, you do not want to struggle every time.

Also consider your downtime and body. I tried to squeeze a lot of classes at the beginning, and I was exhausted… now I have a more balanced schedule, which makes me happy to teach each and every one of my classes.

Then analyze the same with your target market. If your target market is young working people, then early mornings (6-7 am) evenings and weekends will work for them. If your target market are moms; then later morning, afternoons and evenings (after dinner and when partner is there to help with kids).

Now, set it up in a table using the templates… easy!

 Timetable Template PDF

Timetable Template Excel

Always print at the bottom of the timetable something like ‘check our website for changes and updates’. Think of all the older flyers out there with outdated timetables, it could make one of your students very upset to show up for a class that not longer exists.

It’s also a good practice to print, or attach the requirements to your timetable. What do they need to bring, how early they should get there, and what you will provide them for their class.

This way, you will not be answering emails and phone calls with questions all the time.


Be as clear as possible

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