Hiring Teachers


Hiring teachers

Hiring teachers
Hiring teachers

If you want to expand your timetable and you have the budget, you can hire more teachers for your studio straight away. If you are more like me, who started without money, then it will take time; however at some stage this will become an option.

The benefits of having more teachers:

  1. Different styles of yoga
  2. Different approach, adjustments, cues
  3. More classes
  4. Different personalities
  5. More teachers available for covers (when you are away or sick)

The cons:

  1. More complicated procedures and policies
  2. Money handling
  3. They will need access not only to your studio but to your home
  4. Reporting and invoicing

Choose smartly

Ideally you will hire people who are dedicated, reliable, loyal and deliver an awesome class, the idea is to attract more people to your studio by adding alternatives of styles, classes and personalities, but first you must feel very comfortable with the prospect teachers.

I personally only invite teachers who have trained at my school of yoga, this way I make sure they have the depth of yoga and meditation, which has become a very important part of my studio.

Also, I make sure they follow my studio’s Mission Statement, which makes our community of students feel comfortable and remain loyal. For example, it’s very important for the teachers at Yoga for Life to learn and remember the names of the students, to make them feel at home.

It’s also important that they love and believe in not only yoga, but also your studio.

Now, as the sales are on your teachers’ hands during their classes, make sure they subtly offer their students a 10 class pass (which is the core product of your business). Also, be aware that if people don’t like your teachers’ classes, they will not come back, so be really careful how you choose your teachers… join their classes unexpectedly every once in a while, it’s best that you see them in action. You can even make them cover a couple of classes for you and ask your students for feedback.

And last but not least, you must have a good feeling about your teachers, you should be able to trust them… this is just you and your feeling, what does your gut tell you?

Train them

They must all know and believe in your Mission Statement and you must provide:

  1. A privacy policy. Everything that happens in the studio should remain and stay there.
  2. A daily operations procedure, very important for them to punch the 10 class passes cards when your students take a class, if they don’t you are NOT being paid for that class.
  3. Setup and end of class procedures.
  4. Credit card charges.
  5. The importance of the key of your studio (which is also your home).
  6. Money handling procedure.
  7. Bookkeeping, just because now your registration book will be in their hands and it’s important that they write all money coming in.
  8. I also provide a couple of workshops a year for them. This also brings me and my teachers all together, which doesn’t happen very often.


How to hire

Part Time

You can actually go for it and hire them properly with wages, work contract, superannuation, benefits, holidays… and so on. In this case, the contract would be a part-time job and I suggest you consult with your lawyer or accountant.


But this is how I do it, which I think is easier:

  1. They have a work agreement
  2. They are casual teachers
  3. They invoice me at the start of every month

It sounds simple because it is. There are no benefits, or holidays, but we all help each other when someone is away or sick.

In my case the loyalty comes more from the heart than the contract, but I do not discourage the full employment if you have the resources.


Work agreement

We still do have a work agreement signed by both of us, and here’s what it includes:

  • Date, name and address for both parties
  • The services they will provide: brief description, times and dates
  • Payment and entitlements (I actually let them attend any of my classes for free)
  • Their rate for covers
  • The use of the space and equipment
  • I state that we provide all marketing and advertising of their class
  • Their obligations: setup times, opening the doors, registering new students… to provide a monthly invoice for the payments (this can be as often as you like, or agree with them)
  • They have to be insured
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Operations Policy
  • Setup and end of class procedures
  • Money handling
  • Credit card charges procedure
  • Name, date and signature of both of us, ideally two witnesses.


Working Agreement Template PDF

Working Agreement Template Word

How to pay and how much

So the best way to pay them is through your bank account and in exchange of an invoice.

The record of payment in your bank statement plus the invoice should be enough for your tax report at the end of the financial year.

If you decide to pay them cash, you will have to keep record of payment in your bookkeeping (‘Financials, tab: expenses’)

How much to pay:

Tricky… I actually came to an agreement with all of them. Since I do not have enough money to pay a set amount, especially when the class is new and it takes time to grow, I pay them per student, so if their classes grow in numbers they make more money. There is a minimum payment amount per class but no maximum so they could really make good money.

This encourages them to sell, to deliver an awesome class, but also to be part of the business since their classes are pretty much a mini business to them.

The covers are paid at a set amount.

This works well for me, just remember that your goal is to be fair and attract good talent.


Setting the salary:

If you can afford to pay it, here’s a few things to consider before setting a salary for one or more teachers:

  1. How much money will the teacher(s) bring to my studio?
  2. How much will it cost the studio not to have them? If you lose their students?
  3. Check the market, how much are yoga teachers being paid in your area?
  4. Whenever possible, you can ask other studio owners.
  5. In the end you will pay a combination of what the class (teacher) is worth to you and the market value. Establish a payment per class, this is the easiest way since you are not going to pay monthly wage.



Don’t forget to add a brief and photo of your teachers in your website, people might be interested before trying their classes.


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