Opening day


Opening Day

This is a great day for your new studio, it will officially be open and it’s a great opportunity to fill it up with potential students.

I recommend you start your classes a couple of weeks before the Grand Opening day, just in case there are a few things you need to adjust around the place, you can’t afford to have any mess, delays or problems on this day. Remember that if you organize this event with professionalism and inspiration, it will create a wonderful first impression in your community – word of month is crucial!

Here are a few ideas to make your event super special:

Opening Day at Yoga for Life
Swami Shantananda at the opening of Yoga for Life
  1. Decorate outside too, put balloons and a sign, so that your neighbors are aware of the event and feel free to join in.
  1. Have an actual ribbon to cut!
  1. Invite someone important. I invited my guru, Swami Shantananda, and she said yes! Don’t be afraid to ask, you never know, and she did the actual ribbon cutting.
  1. Make sure you take heaps of photos of the day; it will be the day you might get the most people through your doors.
  1. Have food and drinks (no alcohol, probably really healthy snacks and tea).
  1. Offer a coupon, free classes or some kind of discount to the people who attend.
  1. Write a press release of the day and send it to all the media you can think of, make sure you include good quality photos.
  1. If there are going to be kids, maybe organize something for them, like face painting, and think of kids food…
  1. Have a set time to start and finish the event and plan every second:
  • Arrival and handouts (coupons, flyers, timetables, discounts…).
  • The actual opening, with the cutting of the ribbon.
  • A speech from your special guest, maybe with a meditation. Make it brief and concise.
  • Maybe a mini yoga class, with simple easy poses that can be performed by everyone and in the clothes they are wearing.
  • Time to look around, have food, mingle and ask questions. Maybe a tour?
  • A closing speech by you, where you show appreciation for their support.
  1. Who to invite:

    Mini Yoga class at Opening Day
    Mini Yoga class at Opening Day
  • Friends and family
  • Special guests (if you can’t get a yoga authority, maybe try another holistic/health authority)
  • A local celebrity…
  • All the students who are already attending your classes
  • Other yoga teachers
  • Your neighbors
  • The local businesses
  • Your partners in cross promotions and their customers
  • The local authorities
  • The press

Opening Day Checklist


Don’t shy away – this is your big grand day!

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