Getting involved with your local community


Getting involved with your local community

There are many ways to get involved and participate in your local community and so much to gain from it:

  1. A sense of connection, strength and solidarity
  2. Keeping yourself and your studio out there in the eyes of your community
  3. Experience in organizing and participating in local events
  4. Important relationships with local authorities and involved members of the community
  5. Friendships
  6. The opportunity to give back
  7. Making a difference
  8. And therefore the community will get to know you PERSONALLY as a yoga teacher, and subsequently your Home Yoga Studio.


How to get involved

There are a few ways:local community

  1. Volunteer, not only with your yoga but with any other skills you possess
  2. Attend local events, festivals, markets
  3. Donate resources to local organizations and charities
  4. Shop locally
  5. Join classes or groups who share your same interests
  6. Organize your own event
  7. Place a community board in your studio where your own students can post their own businesses and services
  8. Help when disaster happens
  9. Serve on a community board
  10. Fundraising for a good cause


Financial benefits of participating

  1. The opportunities to promote your Home Yoga Studio with the people you meet – this is actually far batter than traditional advertising
  2. Influence local policy, which can save you money
  3. Meet people with different ideas for your marketing, your operation, your promotion, your website and your image
  4. Free entertainment
  5. Free food
  6. Personal connections which can help in the future – building your local network can lead to lots of referrals for your Home Yoga Studio
  7. Pure good old karma

Other examples:

  • I have a student who is an award-winning stylist, so we made a deal to exchange yoga classes for my haircuts! Plus I help this student a little bit with the promotion of her own business by mentioning her studio sometimes, and displaying her business cards in the foyer.
  • I also exchange with other students veggies and herbs we grow.
  • We help each other with babysitting.
  • I’ve taught free yoga classes for a few non-for profit organizations, usually suggested by my own students who in exchange become super loyal.


Participating in your community is a win-win!

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