Holidays and Sick Leave


Holidays and sick leave

This is big… because we pretty much get no holidays and if we get sick then what happens to your classes? Your studio? Your students?

Remember, we need holidays to recharge and renew…  in the end this whole search of ours is about having a better quality of life!



HolidaysHolidays are crucial for the health of our mind, but also for the rest (and restoration) of our bodies as we teach so many yoga classes.

I value and love and take holidays once a year, and here’s how I do it and you can too!

  1. Wait two years before taking your first holiday.
  1. Plan ahead: Make sure you have at least 6 months to make arrangements for your holiday. You will need to:
  • Notify your students, not only in person, but on your website.
  • Notify your teachers, if you have them.
  • Find teachers to cover your classes when you are gone so that you don’t forego income completely. You’ll need to establish a fair cover fee agreement for both of you.
  • Establish a temporary timetable if necessary.
  1. Have one person you can trust to run the studio when you are gone, remember they will have access not only to your studio but also to your home! Plus, you will need that person to make deposits of the cash into your account. This person doesn’t have to be a teacher at the studio; it could be a friend, family member or colleague.
  1. Set up a holiday response on your email so that you don’t need to stay connected when you are away. You may have to reply to the trusted person in charge though!
  1. Organize a cleaning schedule of your studio and bathroom, and entrance and hallways if necessary.
  1. Have clear procedures for your teachers, make sure they:
  • Are given the keys or let them know how they can retrieve them.
  • Know how to set up the studio and the time to arrive before the class.
  • Know how to take payments from students.
  • Know how to handle the money when you are away.
  • Know what to do at the end of the class, making sure they:
    • Turn off lights and candles
    • Charge all equipment they use
    • Turn off heater and cooling
    • Ventilate the room
    • Lock the studio and the house
    • Place the key in an agreed place that’s concealed or take it with them

I recommend that even if you take no holidays, you plan some downtime for yourself, you could:

  1. Take advantage of public holidays and close the studio.
  2. Find covers for your weekend classes and take a weekend break.
  3. Or just take a technology break, a week of no electronics!
  4. Let your body rest, don’t perform your class but rely only on your cues and adjustments.
  5. Make a meditation and breath week, where there are no asanas.


I also recommend you keep your studio open when you are away, the benefits are:

  1. Financial – if you close not only are you spending on your holiday but you will have no income at all.
  2. Put other teacher through the test to run a class without help or supervision from you.
  3. Put yourself through the test. It’s great to realize that no everything has to be done by you, other teachers are just as capable of maintaining your studio and students.
  4. Your students will miss your style and personality but will not loose momentum and go somewhere else.


Sick leave

This is trickier, but no matter if it is one day or a whole week, you can do exactly what you do with holidays.

Plan ahead

Sounds far-fetched but it would be great if you already had a pull of teachers as a backup in case you need someone urgently. You will need to know this in advance:

  1. Who is available
  2. Their times and dates
  3. Their fees (you might need to pay more for the last minute notice)
  4. Have all procedures written and ready for them to follow

If you know you are going to be away for a while, you can follow the holiday’s tips, if it’s only a class, or a day or two. You could even close the studio but remember to notify your students:

  1. Via text or email with the regular students
  2. A sign outside the door to the studio
  3. In your website


Your students will understand and remain loyal, it’s ok for us to be human

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