The Operation of your Studio


The operation of your studio

This is such a beautiful business, the operation is simple and practically stress-free.

Basically here’s the simple process:

Every class:

  1. Make sure your studio and the areas (bathroom, hallway…) where your students will or may go are clean and tidy. I have carpet in the studio so I make sure I vacuum everyday and keep it looking good. Don’t forget to dust and clean windows, mirrors, etc.
  1. Plan your class, I actually plan my classes on Saturdays and teach the same class throughout the week. But if you want a different class everyday, give yourself enough time to do this. I explain more in my article ‘Planning your yoga class’


Yoga Class Template


  1. Make sure you have enough money for change in your till and have your money box in handy.
  1. Make sure you have your phone charged and ready to take credit card payments (if you are processing them with PayPal)
  1. Make sure the studio is ready 30 minutes before every class, here’s my simple process:
  • Open the door. You might want to say this little mantra ‘Welcome to my heart, welcome to my yoga, welcome to our studio and welcome to our home. Everybody welcome!’ Really, really, really… don’t forget to open the door, you can forget everything else!
  • Get the Registration Book ready for people to write down their names: Date, time, class, and teacher
  • Aromatherapy or incense
  • Turn music on – not too loud
  • Turn indirect lights on
  • Place candles in candle holders and turn them on (or light them up if you don’t have battery ones)
  • Set the temperature of the room (heating and cooling if necessary)
  • Receive and welcome your students.
  • Welcome new people and give them a Registration Form. After its filled out, read it thoroughly before the class and try to remember their name throughout the class and address them by it. Ask about their health and give them tips about alternatives.
  • Because I always have a few minutes with my students before the class, we talk about stuff, I sometimes plan ahead, here are a few topic ideas:
  1. The weather: boring, but if there’s nothing else…
  2. A good story about your childhood, your kids, your friends, your family
  3. A funny story or joke (not dirty)
  4. Because I am from another country, I talk about it
  5. Movies
  6. Kids
  7. Cleaning tips
  8. Food and cooking
  9. Local places
  10. Yoga clothes
  11. Yoga and meditation, stories about your training and your teachers
My current yoga studio
Yoga for Life

Remember to be careful with what you share, this is about starting a topic and get your own students talking to learn a lot about them, they will learn about each other and this will then start building the community. 

  1. The actual class
  1. At the end of the class: check with the new students how they felt and take payments from them and any other student. Punch 10 class passes (or any kind of pass), check expiry dates of unlimited cards, and let people know if they are running out of classes or time.
  1. When they leave, write all payments in the book, remove candles and set them to charge, close and lock the door, turn off lights and air conditioning or heater.


Once a week:

  1. Plan you class (if you decide to do so)
  2. Download all new students data into your database
  3. Your weekly bookkeeping, ‘Financials Template
  4. Deep cleaning of the yoga area


Once a month:

  1. Bookkeeping, end of month income and expenses
  2. Reports:
    • Teachers
    • New students
  3. Income
  4. Expenses
  5. Sales: class passes and unlimiteds
  6. Number of student for the month and average per class and per teacher



Once a year:

  1. End of financial year taxes
  2. Insurance and liability, double check if you’re still hiring the best option
  3. Yoga Association renewal
  4. First aid update
  5. Planning of personal development and training for yourself and your teachers
  6. Evaluation of timetable and changes
  7. Flyer printing (or every 3-6 months)
  8. Events, workshops and retreat plan for the year
  9. Advertising and promotions for the year
  10. Deep cleaning of mats, cushions, blocks, straps and bolsters: Most yoga mats can be washed in your washing machine! Just make sure they are completely dry before you roll them up again.
  11. Professional cleaning and polishing of floor and carpets. I do this twice a year.


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