All the patience that you need to start your own Yoga Business

All the patience that you need to start your own Yoga Business

open your own yoga studioPatience to start your yoga studio

So… you’ve decided to travel the path of your own yoga business… and… not a lot of students turn up…

That can be very frustrating, I remember classes with one or even no people.

This is important to know, since I actually thought that people would be super excited about having a local small yoga studio and that they would flow through the doors.

One of the things that I have learned through the years is that it takes time to establish a business like this one, in fact, any business.

But, you can afford to be patient, since you are not paying extra rent and you have no overheads. Plus you have all the tax incentives and you are doing what you love.

The best way to spread the word

spreading the word about your new yoga studioUnlike many other businesses and services, yoga spreads through word of mouth as the most steady and permanent way of gaining students. So be patient, allow your studio to settle, teach great classes, pay attention to each of your students (this won’t be too hard, since you won’t have that many!), learn at least their names, and wait, they will come!

Yoga, more than just exercise

Most of the students that show up to a small yoga studio, want a bit more than just the exercise. They are looking for the deeper meaning of yoga, they want and crave meditation and relaxation. They want to leave their own hectic lives for an hour and treat themselves to some peace…

A break from life, a space for peace

New students in your yoga studio
They also usually share their stories, their problems and their lives not just with the teacher but also with each other. The studio becomes a place of feeling free, peaceful and joyful in the company of people that feel the same.

Your yoga studio will become the sanctuary for these people… make sure that they feel that way, make your space look and feel special, encourage conversation, and love them.

Love your students

I reckon that that has been the key of my students returning, I never, ever criticize them with anyone else or even myself, I don’t judge them I really and truly love them, I try to understand where they are coming from and what they want and from my humble experience I try to provide what they need…

Listen to your studentsa space to feel good

Don’t be afraid to show and share and participate, but always be careful of how much you share about yourself (you are the teacher, their role model and the admire and respect you, it is easy to lose this through some extra words) and be careful about giving advise, try to just listen and propose some yoga and meditation as a more permanent means to healing physical, mental and emotional issues…

I’m probably now deviating from the original theme, but I actually think that this is key to having more and more and more students…

Please share your thoughts… Namaste


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