Planning your Yoga classes

Planning your Yoga classes

How I plan my yoga classes

Planning yoga classesPlanning my yoga classes is pretty simple for me since I am a Hatha Yoga teacher, I feel that I have a huge range of options for me, and I’ve found that my students enjoy the variety and exploring different parts of their bodies during the classes.

I plan one class and I teach it throughout the week. This is my personal way of planning; there must be so many ways of doing it, however this one works for me.

First, I select a theme for my class, I have a few ones to propose: hips, hammies, backbends, twists, standing poses (balancing), my own approach to Kundalini, power flow (which I am also certified to teach), my approach to Yin yoga, shoulders, etc.

Then I jump online and search hips yoga poses, and go through a few videos and poses.

Structure so that it flows

Yoga flow classAfter I have my poses I structure my class so that it flows, no standing and then lying and then standing and then seating, I start always with joint rotations (or your warm up choice) and then I move onto kneeling poses, standing poses, balancing poses, seated poses and finish with supine poses so that it is easy to get into shavasana at the end.

Then I have a template where I insert a picture of the pose on the left, followed by a brief explanation (can be the breath, the left or right, variations, alternatives and/or whatever else I feel I need to know) on the right of the image.

I have a total of 20 poses per class, more or less but then my classes are 1 hour long and I tend to move a bit fast as I include a few sets of sun salutes to join some of the poses. I am a sun salute lover! Not fast enough to be a power class, but with some rhythm… Adjust the number of poses according to your class time and your own pace…

Plan your meditation during shavasana

And, very important… I always plan my meditation ahead; you can use the breath, mindfulness, sounds, stillness, sensations, so many things to base your speech from! Or the regular good old, good old, yoga Nidra. Check my pose about different meditations in shavasana, for great tips on how to guide your students into stillness.

Since I love all my music, I don’t stress too much about it, I just play a shuffle of one of my playlists. Have a look at my post about choosing music for your yoga class.

Please share some tips on class planning! Namaste

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