Private Yoga classes

Private Yoga classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private classes are awesome! I love them; you really get to know your student, his/her body and the best approach for their own self.

It is scary to have the first one, or the second, or the third, you have no idea of the knowledge or the expectations of the person in front of you.

The first thing I do is I ask them if they have any issues I have to be aware of and then I ask them if they have any special requests. I try to do this before the class so that I can plan ahead. You can always ask them everything you want to know when they arrive for their class.

Adjust, adjust, adjust

Once in the class, I actually perform the class with them, that way they can copy if they don’t understandAdjustments to yoga students my cues, I also always adjust; there is always some adjustment that will help understand the pose and their body better even if it is an enhancement, to make them get deeper into the pose.

Talk to them

Always talk to them, ask them how they are feeling, is this good? Does this feel better? Where in your body are you feeling this? Do you want to release the pose? Do you think you cam go further with my help? And so on…

Praise and build confidence

I try to praise them when they do it properly, to bring some sense of achievement; you want your student to feel good and motivated. I try to pick the poses that are easy first, building their self esteem and confidence.

Then I get into the poses where they feel challenged, that way they are already feeling stronger, mind body and emotionally, before the big moves.

I always finish with meditation, either seated or in shavasana; this helps their bodies take from the poses and the movement all the benefits before hitting life again.

Get feedback

Get feedback at the end, so that you can be better next time, and see if they are ready to join a regular class at your studio or if they want to book another private class, don’t let them go without trying to keep them yogaing with you.

Dont undercharge!

This is important!

Charge accordingly
Your time and effort is super valuable

Your time is super valuable!

Do not undercharge. I know it is difficult to place value to your own time, especially at the beginning, when you feel new and insecure, but trust me, you, your energy and your time are super valuable!

Think of a massage, which provides a moment of pleasure… for how much? You are providing a lifetime of health and peace!

Please share your experiences in private yoga classes; there are some great stories! Like when they fart and you are the only other person there!




If you don’t have enough space to open your Home Yoga Studio

Private classes can become your Yoga Business, you do not need to have a huge space at home, just one small room will do or you could even go to your students houses or work.

If this is something you want to pursue, please join our program to learn everything about starting your business even if it is just Private Yoga Classes. You will be able to learn how to structure, charge and manage your classes, how to market your business from small things like word of mouth all the way to building a website!

I would love to hear from you… Namaste.

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