Starting your Yoga Career

Starting your Yoga Career

So you’ve finished your training and where does your yogic career start????

I strongly recommend you start teaching straight away; the more you postpone the harder it gets and the more you loose confidence.

It is hard to start because you will always feel you are not ready or prepared enough, but trust me… You are!

Here are a few ideas about how to get your career started:

Work at gyms:

There are always gyms around, have a good look at what is around your area and send them an email offering your services as a yoga teacher. You will need to have all your paperwork in order, before you start promoting your services.teaching yoga at gyms

Gyms are a great way to start because in the crowd you can make simple mistakes in your cues or the sequence or your poses and they are hardly noticeable, this way you can perfect your classes before you teach a more exclusive clientele.

Gyms are a great way to practice cueing. This is a difficult thing to accomplish and only with practice you will become better and better.

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Start with private classes:

Adjustments to yoga studentsPrivates are great way to start.

You can offer your friends and family a special discounted price for them to try it out, and you will not need a space of your own, you can actually come to them.

Privates are a great way to start because you get the opportunity to learn your best approach towards your students.

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Offer corporate classes:

This is a great way to kick start your career, you can actually offer your services to companies who offer wellbeing programs to corporations, or you could approach them yourself.

Corporate classes will require for you to be up to date with all your paperwork, specially your insurance, liability and Frirst Aid Certificate.

Please read my article about ‘Corporate Yoga Classes’ because it will help you understand a lot better


Rent your own space:

You can actually find places, which are up for rent by the hours when they are not being used, like churches, scout halls, pilates and yoga studios…

The great problem with this option (however this is one of the things I did when I started) is that you will need enough people to cover at least the rent of the space. However this could kick start your own Yoga Business. Maybe take the risk!


Ask other yoga studios:

Send them an email with your particular skills and maybe offer them a price per student at the beginning whilst your classes start getting more and more students.I am a studio owner and I welcome this scheme, because neither of us has a big risk, we both help each other.

Or: Open your own Home Yoga Studio! Read more about our program here






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