Starting your Yoga Career

Yoga Career

So you’ve finished your training and where does your yogic career start???? I strongly recommend you start teaching straight away; the more you postpone the harder it gets and the more you loose confidence. It is hard to start because you will always feel you are not ready or prepared enough, but trust me… You … Read moreStarting your Yoga Career

To Adjust or Not that is the Question

Adjustments to yoga students

This is probably one very personal issue. I am a very touchy person, I touch my friends and family and sometimes even strangers, I hug and a kiss a lot. I love the connection that the physical touch brings. So obviously I am an ‘adjuster’. It is tricky when you start teaching because you do … Read moreTo Adjust or Not that is the Question

Yoga students with health problems

How to deal with health problems in your yoga class. I am going to start talking about physical health in the yoga studio. Most students will have some health problems happening, even if it is just tightness, discomfort, lack of flexibility or more complicated issues… It is very hard for us, as teachers, to provide any kind … Read moreYoga students with health problems

Different meditations during shavasana

meditation on the earth

I like providing my students with a variety of techniques to still their minds When I did my teacher training we were taught to go through the parts of the body  during meditation, starting with the feet all the way to the top of the head, allowing the students to focus on that specific part … Read moreDifferent meditations during shavasana

Remembering peoples names and faces to make them feel important and unique

yogi woman

Remember your students names I always thought this was undoable… All my life I have believed that I cannot remember faces and/or names, let alone put them together. People like feeling important and unique, and they are! So dedicate some time to this important issue. Starting your own business, or even if you are teaching … Read moreRemembering peoples names and faces to make them feel important and unique