Starting your Yoga Career

Yoga Career

So you’ve finished your training and where does your yogic career start???? I strongly recommend you start teaching straight away; the more you postpone the harder it gets and the more you loose confidence. It is hard to start because you will always feel you are not ready or prepared enough, but trust me… You … Read moreStarting your Yoga Career

Casual Classes or Bookings

Booking a yoga class

Once you open your Yoga Home Studio you will have to make the decision of offering casual classes (walk-ins) for your students, where they can just show up for a class or if you are going to take bookings for your classes. There are also a few more choices and I will describe them later … Read moreCasual Classes or Bookings

To Adjust or Not that is the Question

Adjustments to yoga students

This is probably one very personal issue. I am a very touchy person, I touch my friends and family and sometimes even strangers, I hug and a kiss a lot. I love the connection that the physical touch brings. So obviously I am an ‘adjuster’. It is tricky when you start teaching because you do … Read moreTo Adjust or Not that is the Question

Yoga students with health problems

How to deal with health problems in your yoga class. I am going to start talking about physical health in the yoga studio. Most students will have some health problems happening, even if it is just tightness, discomfort, lack of flexibility or more complicated issues… It is very hard for us, as teachers, to provide any kind … Read moreYoga students with health problems

All the patience that you need to start your own Yoga Business

a space to feel good

Patience to start your yoga studio So… you’ve decided to travel the path of your own yoga business… and… not a lot of students turn up… That can be very frustrating, I remember classes with one or even no people. This is important to know, since I actually thought that people would be super excited … Read moreAll the patience that you need to start your own Yoga Business

The name and design of the image of my Yoga Studio

image of your yoga studio

The image of your yoga studio This is a tough one. A lot of people are attracted to things by the way they look. Visual… The identity of your studio is crucial. As you probably already know, I did not have any money to pay for a designer, so I have tried to have an … Read moreThe name and design of the image of my Yoga Studio

My experience with the gyms as a Yoga Teacher

teaching yoga at gyms

Gyms, a great way to start your yoga teaching Well, the gyms I believe are a great way to start. For once, you get paid and don’t risk your own money, and on the other hand the crowd is pretty easy. People at gyms usually don’t know a lot about yoga; they just want some kind … Read moreMy experience with the gyms as a Yoga Teacher