My experience with the gyms as a Yoga Teacher

My experience with the gyms as a Yoga Teacher

Gyms, a great way to start your yoga teaching

teaching yoga at gymsWell, the gyms I believe are a great way to start. For once, you get paid and don’t risk your own money, and on the other hand the crowd is pretty easy.

People at gyms usually don’t know a lot about yoga; they just want some kind of exercise, fitness is their goal. So when you are starting it is pretty easy. If you make any mistakes (and you will, believe, I still do) nobody really notices.

A forgiving crowd at the gyms

I’m not talking about huge mistakes where somebody could get hurt. I reckon that is something that all yoga teachers with a good teacher training understand and are aware of. I’m talking about forgetting to do a ‘trikonasana’ on the other side! Fun staff like that…

Also, and this is quite personal, but English not being my native tongue, I usually say funny things, I reckon the gym crowd is easier. In the studio, everybody notices and is more embarrassing. Ha ha ha. I once said ‘My name is Hatha Yoga’!large group of yogis

I believe the people that join a smaller yoga studio are (or become) more aware of proper alignment, their own personal bodies, how they perform and how to take care of themselves.

Gyms are a great way of kickstarting your teaching

So, staring at gyms I think is a good idea, the gyms will also put all your paperwork in order.  You’ll remember to belong to your local yoga association, you become insured, you keep your first aid current and most of all, maintain current with the new yoga trends through personal development.

People of your community will get to know you

local communityAnother great benefit of the gyms is that you put, yourself, your teachings, your yoga and your own personal approach out there in the world. People will get attached to your style and look for you if you ever decide to leave the gym environment.

It is a great way to promote yourself in big crowds, with no cost to you.

Some of the people that I met at the beginning of my career at the gyms are still my students! Almost for 10 years… they have now joined my studio.

So don’t be scared of gyms, they are just a stage, a microphone and a super forgiving crowd.

By the way, one of my favorites was the YMCA, they take good care of their teachers and provide them and sometimes their families with free access to their places as an extra benefit.

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