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Submission of Directory Listings

You acknowledge that all data which includes, but is not limited to text, images and logos submitted to or through this site whether via email, form submission, enquiry to a business, business addition, modification or update request, or by any other means will not be considered confidential or proprietary, and

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Your rights and obligations

The submission of the signed business advertising agreement signifies the contractual agreement by you to honour the associated fees that Yoga Home Business charges for all services rendered to you. Fees and charges are as stated on the Business Agreement.


Correct Authority

Please ensure you are the correct authority in reference to any agreement, which is signed, as you are undertaking that you are the correct authority to authorise the order of this directory advertisement and the costs associated with it. Yoga Home Business will not accept any cancellation if an incorrect person has signed an agreement. Please ensure you have the authority before you agree to advertise.



Cancellations of Signed Agreements entered into between Yoga Home Business and any customer cannot be cancelled by the customer, as this would constitute a breach of contract.


Please notify us in writing should you not require us to contact you regarding the future renewal of your listing.



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Copyright Declaration

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