The importance of testimonials

The importance of testimonials

The importance of testimonials and feedback

meditationsThe best advertising tool and the most permanent one is word of mouth. And now that we jump online to find pretty much everything, people are searching more and more for good reviews and/or testimonials.

I constantly ask for testimonials from my students. Most students can’t be bothered; but there’s always a few that do, and that is all you need.

I reckon 5 testimonials with the name of the student that wrote them should be enough. Te name is important, since it pretty much proves that you didn’t come up with the testimonial yourself.

A photo next to it would be even better.

I also ask for testimonials from my students when they attend workshops, events and retreats. This way every testimonial is about the service that I actually provide: general testimonials about the studio, general testimonials about the teachers, general testimonials about the classes, specific testimonials about a workshop, an event and/or a retreat.

Where and how to place testimonials in your website

group of yogisI usually place them at the bottom of the main content of any given page. I use italics and quotation marks and with a regular font the name of the students that wrote them.

Another way to get testimonials is when a student writes to you to say thank you for a class, or says something nice about your studio or yourself in an email. I usually write back and ask them if I can quote them on my website… Perfect unsolicited testimonials from the heart!

Feedback forms

You may want actually create a testimonial form and print it out and have it available for your students at your studio or place of yoga classes.

Email surveys

Or you could send an email with a short survey to get feedback. When you do this, your students actually feel that they are being heard and that they have a say. Acknowledge their comments even if they are not very pleasing, this helps you become a better teacher to your own students and provide a space and a class that everyone loves.

‘Bad feedback’

group of yogisDon’t feel bad about ‘bad’ comments. If your student is still coming back to your classes it is not a big issue for him/her. If the student has stopped coming, filter the comment, notice if it is something you want to change or not, notice if the issue is important for the rest of your community, and make an informed decision about changing something that will benefit both, your students and yourself.

All feedback is good, and it is not supposed to make you upset, it is supposed to make you better.

From the survey you will be able to extract phrases and comments from your students that you can use as testimonials, however make sure you ask the person first if you can use it next to their name.

Finally, just make sure that you are not quoting big paragraphs or comments, remember, people don’t read, just grab the best part or phrase and you can just quote like this ‘… xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx…’

Please share any creative ways that you have found to have more and better testimonials.

Namaste, Julia.

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