I am a yoga teacher with my own yoga studio at home… my dream come true

  • Database

    Building a database of your students

    Building your precious database
    Your database starts with the registration of new students. We have talked about my precious book where everybody writes down their names as they come in, we will talk about it later, however, the very first time that a student shows up they have to fill in…

  • Corporate Yoga Classes

    Corporate Yoga Classes

    Corporate classes are a great way to have an extra income stream as a yoga teacher. They don’t usually run for more than an hour, maybe even 45 minutes, and they happen before or after office hours so that employees can attend. There’s also lunchtime yoga where people can decide to…

  • Private Yoga classes

    Private Yoga Classes
    Private classes are awesome! I love them; you really get to know your student, his/her body and the best approach for their own self.
    It is scary to have the first one, or the second, or the third, you have no idea of the knowledge or the expectations of…

  • 5 Essential Tips to Organize Yoga Retreats – Yoga Home Business

    So what if you want to have a Yoga Business at Home but you do not have the space? Even for private yoga classes?
    Don’t give up! Organizing Yoga events and retreats can be your path!
    Yoga retreats are a great opportunity for people to completely immerse themselves in Yoga and can…

  • Yoga with my daughter

    My kids and my Yoga Business at home

    My kids when I started my yoga studio
    Ohhhh… this was hard, but just that you can understand, my kids were 3 and 4 when I became a yoga teacher. My husband used to work shifts so I usually had to pay a babysitter just to do my job!
    Between rent and…

  • a space to feel good

    All the patience that you need to start your own Yoga Business

    Patience to start your yoga studio
    So… you’ve decided to travel the path of your own yoga business… and… not a lot of students turn up…
    That can be very frustrating, I remember classes with one or even no people.
    This is important to know, since I actually thought that people would be…

  • Build your own Website

    Doing my own website for my Yoga Studio!

    I did my own website!
    Hmmm… website… a must have now!!! You will have to have a website…
    Most people will look for yoga on the internet and you have to be there… they could be just searching for yoga, for meditation, they could be looking for you if they’ve done a…

  • teaching yoga at gyms

    My experience with the gyms as a Yoga Teacher

    Gyms, a great way to start your yoga teaching
    Well, the gyms I believe are a great way to start. For once, you get paid and don’t risk your own money, and on the other hand the crowd is pretty easy.
    People at gyms usually don’t know a lot about yoga; they just…

  • Booking a yoga class

    Casual Classes or Bookings

    Once you open your Yoga Home Studio you will have to make the decision of offering casual classes (walk-ins) for your students, where they can just show up for a class or if you are going to take bookings for your classes.
    There are also a few more choices and I…

  • Yoga Teachers Scam

    Yoga Teachers Scam

    Yoga Teachers Scam
    This actually happened to me and because I am not the only one who got this emails I thought I’d share this with you so it doesn’t happen to you.
    The Email
    The Email came from an overseas person who was supposed to be staying in Melbourne for a week.