Open your own Yoga Studio at Home in a matter of days!

A comprehensive program with different levels of information to cover all your needs to open your own Yoga Studio at home in a matter of days and with very little investment

Owners Julia and JP Toral have been running a very successful home-based Yoga business in Australia since 2010. Now they share with you their experience of planning, organising, advertising, operation, joy and the most inspiring stories so that you can open your own yoga studio at home.

This program is the most thorough and comprehensive guide that you will need to become your own boss, do what you love to do, work the hours that you want to work, teach the style of yoga you love the most, and work from home, without any extra rent and outgoings, having huge tax benefits, save on the commute and, if you have kids, save on the babysitter.

Even if you don’t have enough space at your home, you can still open your Yoga Home Business and offer Private Yoga classes. The program includes a whole chapter about it.

Are you ready to do all that? Don’t hesitate to ask anything you want before you go ahead, but do not let fear stop you! It didn’t stop us!

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ॐ    Complete operation process for your Yoga Studio.
ॐ    Great ideas to start your studio on a budget.
ॐ    Payment methods, money handling and bookkeeping.
ॐ    Find, organise and decorate your inviting Yoga space.
ॐ    Tax advantages, dealing with local authorities & work agreements.
ॐ    Getting involved with your community.
ॐ    Yoga revenue streams you can implement.
ॐ    Advertising and promotion.
ॐ    Building a website and your priceless database.
ॐ    Finding and taking care of your market.
ॐ    Logo design, corporate image and street signage.
ॐ    and so much more…


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ॐ    Graduated Yoga teachers whose dream is to start their own Studio.

ॐ    Entrepreneurs who envision a successful Yoga business.
ॐ    Freelance Yoga teachers who want to own a side business.
ॐ    Yoga Studio owners interested in exploring the home based Yoga market or expand to new markets.

How it works

You can do it our way, where you follow us step by step, or you can skip the parts that don’t make sense for you, or you can simply use our loads of customisable and downloadable checklists and templates… do it your own way.

This full program is completely FREE!!! 

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We’ve put a lot of work in this program and we would appreciate your donation…



Finding Your Space

In this program you will learn how to find your space within your home to run your yoga classes, how to deal with pets, kids, neighbours and authorities.

How to design and equip your studio on a budget.

This Module is full of downloadable checklists and templates.

The Rules Of Attraction

You have now found your space to run your own Home Yoga Studio and you are ready to build a solid business strategy with:

◊ A Business Plan
◊ Studio identity
◊ Market
◊ Promotion
◊ Downloadable checklists and templates
◊ Videos

The Power Of Manifestation

Expand your knowledge about the business side of your Home Yoga Studio.

◊ Products and services you can offer
◊ Prices
◊ Build your timetable
◊ Money handling
◊ Bookkeeping
◊ Hiring teachers
◊ Payment methods, etc.
◊ Downloadable checklists and templates

Day-To-Day Life

These seven stages will show you how to run your Home Yoga Studio on a day-to-day basis.

Here you will learn how to plan your Yoga classes, finding and keeping your students, how to organise events and getting involved in your community, etc.

This module is full of downloadable checklists and templates.

Spread Your Wings

This final module will show you how to grow your Home Yoga business over time, and my thoughts about your impact in people’s lives as a Yoga teacher.


 In this chapter you will learn how to open your Home Yoga Business when you lack enough space at home with Private Yoga Classes.


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The Most Amazing Program To Open Your Own Yoga Studio

A step by step program full of levels of knowledge to accomplish your yoga dream