Yoga Teachers Scam

Yoga Teachers Scam

Yoga Teachers Scam

Yoga Teachers ScamThis actually happened to me and because I am not the only one who got this emails I thought I’d share this with you so it doesn’t happen to you.

The Email

The Email came from an overseas person who was supposed to be staying in Melbourne for a week.

He wanted yoga classes in his hotel for him and his friends everyday during the week, one class in the morning and one class at night… I actually thought it was a bit much, but… so what? If that’s what they want… Fine with me.

I replied and said I was interested and quoted him $150 per class, a bit expensive but I was making a huge effort and covering my regular classes during the week. And guess what? He said YES!

I was so excited!

 The Scam

Then he told me his friends needed a translator for the classes because they did not speak English, if that was ok with me… Fine! Of course!

Then he asked me if I could charge his credit card for my classes and the translator, who was by the way charging $4,000 for the week! HMMM very expensive yoga classes no?

Then I realised:

  1. I was going to charge the whole amount
  2. They were going to cancel last minute and let me keep the money for the yoga classes
  3. They were going to ask me to deposit the translator’s money ($4,000) into their bank account…
  4. I was going to be charged and convicted for stealing money from an innocent person whose credit card details had been stolen

I am so happy I realized this before I actually went ahead with it… So don’t let this happen to you, I have kept on receiving this kind of emails throughout the years…

Please share any stories you have that could help us, yoga teachers… Namaste, Julia






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